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Born in São Paulo - 1983, into a family of musicians and encouraged by his father, the famous Brazilian drummer Lair Brito. Santiago took his first musical steps at home under the influence of Bossa Nova. On his sixth birthday, he received his first guitar. A few years later it was possible to see him playing with the great samba names in São Paulo. It was then that he discovered a new passion, the Cavaquinho. At this point, it was impossible to stop him, and when he turned 15, he had his first composition recorded by a samba group called Dignidade. When Santiago was 16, he signed a contract with Sony Music Brazil and had his music playing throughout Latin America, and daily shows with his band conquesting a legion of fans. Soon after the breach of contract with Sony Music, Santiago moved to the US where he studied at UCLA. With the intention of living in Europe from a tour of three months across the continent, during his stay in Prague, Santiago met a singer named Yvonne Sanchez from Warner Music. Together they started working on a new band and a new album called My Garden, an album that was nominated for an Andel Grammy for best album in 2009. Currently, Santiago is touring the world with his band promoting his new album called Caracol.


                                                             - MF DNES

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